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Our Famous bucket brings families together
enjoying the great taste of sharing
Family Meal
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  • Julio Abi Raad
  • Abdallah Hossam
  • Kiran Babu
  • Soso Noor
  • Mohammad Kawtharani
  • Michael De Leon
23 tried this
100% whole muscle chicken
With KFC Tasty Deals,
you will only need small change to enjoy great taste at great everyday affordable value!
Zinger Supreme
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  • Yasser Al Sehaimi
  • Abdallah Hossam
  • Kiran Babu
  • Yousef Al Saeed
  • Mohammad Kawtharani
  • Michael De Leon
18 tried this
Love chicken?
Then satisfy your passion with one of our so good Individual meals.
Dinner Meal
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  • Julio Abi Raad
  • Mohammad Kandil
  • Prannoy Pratheep
  • Hasan BI
  • Irfan Khan
  • Shen Shi
249 tried this
A Life
in Recipes!
Colonel Harland Sanders, a great American Success Story...
Kentucky Fried Chicken, pioneered by Colonel Harland Sanders, has grown to become one of the largest quick service food service systems in the world - with more than a billion “so good” Kentucky Fried Chicken dinners served annually in more than 80 countries and territories.
Super Fan
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