KFC is more than a restaurant that serves delicious food. We truly care about offering you the best tasting and highest quality food in the quick service restaurant business.

We also firmly believe that eating sensibly and being active are vital for a healthy lifestyle.

KFC can be a delicious part of a healthy lifestyle when you make informed choices for yourself and your family. To make the best choices, view and download our Nutrition Guide which has detailed nutritional information on all the permanent items on our menu. Life tastes so good when you know how to strike a balance!

Nutrition Guide
You can also download a printable version of the nutritional guide! want to download?Click Here
Keep It Balanced
  • Food is one of life’s pleasures. While eating habits vary from country to country, our love for fantastic cuisine doesn’t change. Another universal constant is our need to have a balanced diet that contains ideal amounts of the right nutrients our bodies need for optimum energy and health.
  • In addition to our detailed Nutritional Guide, we strive to proactively improve the nutrition profile of our high quality food content, while providing great taste. We aim to offer a variety of menu options that can be part of a sensibly-balanced diet. We want you to make informed choices about a balanced diet and incorporate exercise into a healthy lifestyle.
As your partner in healthy living, here are some basic steps to get you started on your journey towards balance:
Keep a record of what you eat and drink.
Keep a record of
your activity.
Set personal
Make a plan of
small changes
you know you can do
Be Patient!
Don’t expect to meet your goals overnight.
Track your
Reward yourself for
your successes.
Ask your physician and/or a registered dietician for specific advice and assistance.