Our Story

Have a sudden craving for KFC at home, at work, or while chilling with your friends and family? With over 700 restaurants in the region, KFC is the market leader in home delivery service. You know you can order your favourite KFC meal at any time and enjoy the great taste of KFC delivered straight to your doorsteps.
Our success formula lies in our signature tasting quality food accompanied by our great service. And so, from the moment we take your order to the second you receive it, our team ensures your order reaches you fresh, hot, accurate and on-time. After all, we know you’re hungry to enjoy every bite as if you were savoring your meal or snack at one of our restaurants.
We’re so committed to meeting your need for convenient, reliable, and on time delivery that we have modern call-centers across the region, well-trained and friendly agents waiting to take your order, and an ever-growing fleet of vehicles and experienced drivers forming a strong network to ensure delivering KFC’s great taste.